These range from digital manufacturing tools intended for FabLab, E-commerce sites,E-Sport, Robotics, drone and many others.

Helectro , fournisseur de composantes electroniques en afrique


Suppliers of electronic components and Digital Manufacturing equipment, we design and customize them for rapid prototyping of all your electronic projects. This digital manufacturing equipment is made available from several strategic partnerships with specialized manufacturers.
hventure, Hgaming, infrastructures de jeux videos


HGAMING provides all the gaming technology. We allow gamers and electronic sport lovers to benefit from the best gaming infrastructures and equipment. We develop consumer mobile video games, virtual reality, augmented reality.
Hdrone, le drone avec hventure


HDRONE is the Drone as service solution offered by HVENTURE to its partners. We offer training in UAV piloting, UAVs for agriculture precision, UAVs for cartography and medical assistance. We build customized UAVs that meet specific needs.
Hventure, hbot, impression 3D


HBOT is HVENTURE's Robotics department. Our goal is to build Robots that meet the needs of our partners. We propose to our partners equipments and solutions of robotics, 3D printing.
Hventure, hlab , le fablab avec hventure


HLAB is HVENTURE's Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab). It provides digital manufacturing equipment and a dedicated space for rapid prototyping of all your projects. We have laser cutting machines, 3D printers, CNC routers... We assist NGOs, Training Institutions, Universities, Governments and individuals to set up FabLabs that meet the needs of their communities.
Hventure, Hlearning, formations pratiques


HVENTURE has the ambition to train qualified engineers and technicians in the field of new technologies throughout Africa and the world . HLEARNING is an online training platform of the "MOOC and E-LEARNING" type, which gives access to trainings with high level content for many people throughout Africa and the World. We favour learning by doing and provide equipment and materials adapted to each course.



HVENTURE is an international company that develops several digital products and services with state-of-the-art technologies for businesses, governments, NGOs and individuals. These range from digital manufacturing tools for FabLab, electronics, 3D printing technologies, Web and Mobile development, e-Sport, Robotics, Drones... Our goal is to provide services and personalized support to our target partners.